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Unemployment, Food Stamp Usage, Crime Statistics Among New Indicators in Latest New Jersey Data Book

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NEW BRUNSWICK – New Jersey’s unemployment rate may have hovered around an uncomfortable 9.5 percent in 2012, but many municipalities across the state – even in affluent Morris County –were reeling more harshly with double digit jobless figures, according to the latest edition of the New Jersey Legislative District Data Book, published this month by Rutgers’ Center for Government Services (CGS).

These figures, along with new data on preschool population, food assistance (SNAP), and crime in New Jersey’s 565 municipalities, help to paint a more detailed picture of the state, its residents, and the economy, according to CGS Director Alan Zalkind.


Ernest Reock Jr. Still Hard at Work—20 Years Post-Retirement

Ernest Reock

One would be hard pressed to find a local government official in New Jersey whose career has not been touched by the work of Ernest Reock Jr. 

Tax assessors, borough clerks, township engineers, business administrators, zoning officials, code inspectors, public safety directors—pretty much all significant officials needed to run a city or town—obtain their professional imprimaturs through coursework developed, taught, or overseen by Reock during his six-decade affiliation with Rutgers’ Center for Government Services (CGS).

Officially, Reock retired as CGS Director in 1992. Unofficially, he is still working nearly 20 years later. While he may have traded his suits and ties for flannel shirts and khakis, he is no less devoted to his projects. At 87, Reock puts in 25 hours a week in his New Brunswick office doing research and teaching part time.  

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