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New Jersey Data Book Expands Government Information Database

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Rutgers Center for Government Services reports historical voter data in run-up to presidential election primary and general elections

            NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – The Rutgers Center for Government Services, a unit of the Rutgers Division of Continuing Studies, has expanded its New Jersey Data Book by adding new categories and years of public information about the state – all of it available as an online database free to the general public.

            The New Jersey Data Book (, published in print for 40 years, now is the most comprehensive online source of official, current statistics and information about the nation’s 11th-most populous state.

            Newly added to the New Jersey Data Book are data sets on preschool population, food assistance, unemployment and crime in the state’s 565 municipalities. Additionally, years of information were added to existing data sets such as area/density, population, poverty, crime, employment, housing, fiscal resources, government expenditures, property tax burden, voters and turnout, election results, forms of government, and school data. Also new, the Data Book organizes data by county and legislative district.

            Published online since 2014, the database has been updated and is searchable for data beginning in 1980. Data can be downloaded.

            “The New Jersey Data Book represents the most comprehensive web-based source of statistics and information about New Jersey government,” said Richard J. Novak, vice president of continuing studies and distance learning at Rutgers. “That fulfills an important part of the mission of Rutgers: performing public service in support of the needs of the citizens of the state and its local, county, and state governments.”

Free accounts to access available data are available at: For additional information, visit and

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New Jersey Data Book: Key Election Information, State of New Jersey

Note to Editors: Please list the data source as New Jersey Data Book (

Voters & Turnout: The New Jersey Data Book includes the number of persons registered to vote in the year, the percentage this number forms of the year’s estimated population, the percentage of such voters reported as Democrats or Republicans, and voter turnout.

Data table displaying information about NJ voters

            New Jersey Data Book is a Service Mark of the Rutgers Center for Government Services, a unit of the Rutgers University Division of Continuing Studies. Data have been gathered from reports of the Elections Division, New Jersey Department of State with party registrations provided by the county superintendents of elections or boards of election.

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