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Summer School of Addiction Studies Focuses on Special Populations

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NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, July 7 – Beginning July 7, 2014, more than two-hundred professionals with careers focusing on the prevention and treatment of addiction will gather at Rutgers University for the 72nd Summer School of Addiction Studies, run by the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies. The historic Summer School continues to provide intensive continuing education in cutting-edge topics and serve as a hub for networking and field-changing collaborations, bringing together professionals and instructors from around the world for a week of review in best practices and future directions of the field. Summer School’s operation model is based around integration, ensuring that instructors (experts in their topic areas) are also students, placing an emphasis on continuous learning and development in both the subject areas of addiction and in the delivery and discussion of evidence-based, practical information.

Running through Saturday, July 12, the Summer School of Addiction Studies will focus on special populations. The event will kick off with a focus on the emerging field of behavioral addictions and the important progress in the work with trauma informed treatment.  The theme will be carried out throughout the week with opportunities for week long intensive study classes and lectures which focus on a variety of special population groups, ranging in topic areas from specific minority populations to the particular issues and challenges surrounding specific drug types, such as cocaine and opiates. The week will also include ample networking programming and additional activities, including a special event being run by Phoenix Multisport – an alternative sober living model out of Colorado.

Over fifty continuing education hours towards recertification are available through attendance at the Summer School, and initial certification coursework is also available.

For more information, contact Dr. Laura Fenster Rothschild at the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies by phone at (848) 445-4317 or email at or visit

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