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Game Design, Cult Films, Murder, Birds and Hurricane Sandy on Rutgers’ Summer Session Schedule

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Looking for a way to earn college credit this summer and take a course that might not be available during the academic year? Check out Rutgers New Brunswick’s 2013 Summer Session offering more than 2,200 course sections, internships, research and travel opportunities in a wide breadth of subject areas.

As one of the country’s largest summer sessions, Rutgers New Brunswick welcomes both Rutgers and visiting students, as well as qualifying high school students, for study during the summer on campus, online and in hybrid courses. This year’s sessions will run May 28-July 5, June 24-August 1, and July 8-August 14. Registration for all sessions begins February 18. Final dates to register vary by session.

This summer, students will have the opportunity to travel to sites ravaged by Hurricane Sandy; visit bird habitats across the state; examine murder in America as portrayed in film and the media; become a community interpreter, learn TV production, and strengthen their leadership skills.  Other courses will examine “racial passing” in the 21st century, the evolution of cult films, poverty in America, and the public health ethics surrounding clinical trials.

“Smaller-sized and tightly focused summer classes can engage students and faculty in a deeper exploration of contemporary issues,” said Elizabeth Beasley, director of Summer Session New Brunswick.  “The experience can inspire greater intellectual curiosity and a more nuanced understanding and appreciation of complex or controversial topics.”

Introduction to Organizational Leadership, for example, provides students with knowledge for life,” says instructor Michelle Jefferson, who is dean of students for Douglass Residential College.

Al Nigrin, who will teach Cult Films, says he will discuss how “many cult films are open-ended metaphors for contemporary social anxieties.” Donavan L. Ramon’s class, Revisiting Racial Passing in the 21st Century will look at how “people pass in a variety of ways,” and whether ours is a “post-race” society, as some claim.

Introductory and traditional survey courses also are available in many disciplines so students may fulfill core and major requirements.

More online and hybrid learning options, as well as travel opportunities will be available this summer. Class sizes are smaller, allowing for more interaction among students and instructors.

This year, Summer Session New Brunswick will host special events and trips for registered students, including movie nights and bus trips to New York and Philadelphia.

Tuition for Summer Session is charged on a per-credit basis. Scholarships are available to qualifying students.

To find Summer Session New Brunswick courses, click here.

For more information about Summer Session, go online to, send email to, or call 732-932-7565.


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