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Friday, 05/01/15
"Richard Novak, VP of Continuing Education and Adult Learning at Rutgers, makes a compelling case for how accommodating adult learners improves everything from the bottom line to holistic student outcomes. Fortunately, as Novak notes, technology (and some influential early-adopters) has made some important inroads toward... + continue reading
Friday, 05/01/15
Richard Novak from Rutgers University Division of Continuing Studies discusses  the new academic partnership that allows County College of Morris graduates and others to earn Rutgers University degrees on the campuses of CCM. View the video at steveadubato.org >> + continue reading
Wednesday, 04/15/15
Summer is approaching, which means sandy beaches, bathing suits and ... textbooks. The Jersey Shore is set to be more than a vacation destination this summer. For the first time, Rutgers University is offering summer classes at the beach, called RU at the Shore. Instead of paperback novels, Rutgers students might be bringing textbooks as... + continue reading

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Monday, 04/22/13
Rutgers’ Center for Continuing Professional Development (CCPD) offers a host of educational opportunities to meet the needs of those looking to upgrade their skills, improve their marketability... + continue reading